Waiting for the adventure to start!

I’m Ewan, a first time dad. My son was born nearly 9 months ago. And incredible things have happened in those months. It has been an adventure like no other in my life. And now I’m about to do 3 further things I never thought I’d do:

  1. Take 3 months off work (assumed I’d die on the job, frankly)
  2. Look after the most amazing little boy ever as full time carer (yes, biased, but have you seen the photo?!)
  3. Blog about it all!

I’m lucky. Not only did the government introduce Additional Parental Leave about 4 years ago, I also have a partner who is happy to give up some of her maternity leave to allow me to do this.

Although I’ll not sure right now that this isn’t a cunning ploy on her behalf to go back to work for a rest! All she’s been saying for weeks is that I can expect to be more tired than I’ve ever been after spending entire weeks flying solo with E Jr.

Why am I starting this blog? Well, mostly because I want a record of what Jr. and I do to prove to Mum that I coped. And if I don’t cope as a way to help me cope!

But also I know that only 1.4% of new fathers are supposed to have taken up the offer of Additional Parental Leave since it was launched. And frankly I don’t even believe that tiny figure, as I am the only Dad I have ever met who is taking this amazing opportunity up (although like Yetis, I’ve heard rumours of others…). And with the system changing into Shared Parental Leave soon, if I can encourage a few more Dads (and Mums) that this is a good idea, then I’ll count that as a proper Boy Scout Good Deed.

I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I think I will!


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