First day, first nap, first thoughts

Day 1 has at least started calmly – Junior has had a nap, so at least the meltdown is delayed before he realises Mum (and therefore a ready-access food) isn’t coming home in a hurry.

Whilst he is still on the breast (as much as he can get, frankly), he has taken to eating quite well – baby-led is our approach, mostly because he is already fiercely independent in a way that most small nations can only dream of! He may have teeth, we simply can’t tell as he won’t allow anything in his mouth unless he puts it there…

My goal for the week is to take it gently – Gymboree tomorrow (probably doesn’t count as gentle), then maybe something with the NCT group Mums, who are being very welcoming of a male interloper! Maybe balanced out by trying a Dad and Baby group as well.

Off to buy a second nap with some shoe-leather, trooping the by-ways of Wimbledon!   


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