Reflections on a first day’s solo flight

Well, that was alright. Not sure what Junior would say – I reckon I got good marks on the home entertainment/living climbing frame front, less good on the feeding and sleeping. And terrible on the toy provision while out. My two big lessons for the day were:

  • We both need to get better at figuring out when he's tired and when he's hungry. Mum assures me there is a difference, but I didn't get it today! This lead to a number of attempts at both napping and feeding that left him confused, me covered in food, and a fair amount of wasted milk – mostly the formula, thankfully.
  • Check the nappy bag before leaving the house! Junior had managed to extract a couple of key items (wet wipes!) and ensure there were no toys in it so when we stopped in the hostelry I was defending their menus from being throughly gummed because he had nothing else to play with. No doubt a cunning ploy to eat paper, his favourite food-group.

Tomorrow should be different again – earlyish Gymboree that will hopefully be sandwiched by some serious napping. A statement that with Junior is always accompanied by some of these…




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