Toys for the Boy(s) – backpack carrier first use

One of the areas of babying that is traditionally reserved for Men is the transport of the dear infant. I’m not going to dwell on pushchairs, as frankly you spend as much as you can, new or second hand, and there is no such thing as the ideal pushchair. For reasons I don’t fully understand no pushchair excels in the three main areas of practicality, manoeuvrability and collapsibility so you have to compromise. Pick your preferred features and go.

The latest method of transportation we are trying is a backpack carrier. After an extensive 15 minutes Internet review and deciding I liked the look of it this is what I went for – a secondhand LittleLife Cross Country S2:

It has more straps than a bondage club (I’m still figuring out what they all do – found a flap that revealed a whole new set earlier), but they do all seem quite sensible and mean you can adapt both for carrier and baby – up to 20 kg of baby apparently, although not sure I’d want to carry that much wriggling Junior!

We went for a lovely stroll up a sunny Wimbledon Common as a test run today – and it worked really well. It isn’t as complicated as some of its feature-endowed competitors, but I like this. I’m used to the one from the late ’70s that my parents used that was a metal frame and some probably highly flammable material, so although this is more comfortable than that, I don’t think I need the integrated stand, water pack and endless pockets of the others. I do need to play with some of the straps as it wasn’t sitting quite right. When I figure out which ones.

Our plan is to start using it on a regular basis as a substitute for the pushchair – it is more manoeuvrable, and for things like tran journeys where there will be car seats and not too-excessive walking at the other end, it is much more practical.

Importantly Junior seemed to like it – he didn’t go to sleep like he probably would’ve in the pushchair, but he was definitely happy – and fascinated by the ducks (and the pigeon that interloped – like an Englishman at a party, I thought!).




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