Things they don’t tell you at Parent School – sleeping babies are a myth, and still then they “regress”

….Ok so I admit there isn’t a Parent a School. I’ve reached the conclusion that this is because it isn’t until you actually have a kid that all the privations and difficulties would seem worthwhile – a school that told you about them beforehand would simply mean no-one in their right mind would actually have children, and so the world would be populated solely as the result of drunken one-night stands. Nothing wrong with this method of conception, it just isn’t going to keep the chimneys swept!

The latest thing we’ve found out about after it happened is the “Nine Month Sleep Regression”. As noted a couple of posts ago, Junior’s consistently poor record of sleep actually succeeded in getting worse, with him returning to his neonatal levels of waking every 1-2 hours (at best). Ideal with Mum having gone back to work.

According to the reassuringly comprehensive blog Baby Sleep Science this is perfectly normal. At various times in their development, because of the huge amount of changes going on in their brains, their sleep patterns “regress” to earlier ones. Nine months is one of those, as with the mobility changes and social development that we’re currently seeing. Junior being the lack-of-sleeper he is, this means he did completely regress, not just a bit, so we’re currently back to square one of trying to teach him to sleep again. Which we hadn’t really succeeded in doing, but were at least getting the odd 4-5 hour stretch out of him.

Apparently the same thing happens again at 18 months too. Looking forward to that already…



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