Note to self: get out more…although little choice from tomorrow! #dadtime times 2!

I think my main reflection on the couple of days I’ve done so far is that No.2 needs more external stimulation than I’ve been giving her so far. 

Looking back at posts from my time with Junior, I came across my amateur effort at trying to define some of his personality traits. I haven’t spent enough time with No.2 yet to comment on all of the same aspects, but there has always been one very clear difference between the two long those lines. While Junior does get his energy from outside, it very much comes from doing things and going places. Whereas No.2 has basically from birth been an entirely social animal. 

When I took her yesterday to the very nice West Central coffee shop in Redhill, she clearly was trying to join in the conversations of some of the ladies that lunch who were sat around us! Whenever anyone started talking,she’d immediately reorient to them and start babbling. It was very cute, but has underlined the fact that in a typical week Mummy was taking her to a class of some sort up almost every day. We do have Joe Jingles (another Gymboree-a-like) tomorrow, so that will help, but next week I must get organised and keep up the baby-signing, as well as some more local things such as rhyme-time at the library.

In addition to Joe Jingles, we will be driven out of the house anyway as Junior is at home tomorrow for the first time with me. He is in fine form at the moment…meaning his energy levels are very high, and we will need to find ways to burn at least some of it off! Given how keen he is to go back to “Grandad’s House” after the weekend (it’s very sweet, he keeps asking if we can drive there), I suppose we could walk the ~100 miles there!


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