A momentary peace, a minute’s blog. Bugs and bad behaviour on #dadtime

I was hoping to follow up my last rather frustrated post with stories about the walk and cycle I took with No.2 in e lovely sunshine last week. However circumstances intervened again. As noted on Twitter Mummy and then I were cruelly struck down with some winter vomiting/diahorrea virus, making Sunday and Monday thoroughly unpleasant experiences for pretty much everyone. Miraculously neither child got it. Junior had something similar but less severe a couple of weeks ago, but No.2 appears to have the immune system of Superman, having avoided chickenpox despite bathing with an infectious brother and breastfeeding from a very ill Mummy!

We are also facing a very challenging time with Junior on the behavioural front. Mostly this is just reckless physical exuberance, and being a Terrible Two, but it is having an impact on what we do together when he’s not at nursery. Today I was planning on going to an animal park with them, but he knocked his sister deliberately, which meant she needed a cuddle, which meant she wanted to nap before I was ready to bundle everyone in the car, which meant we didn’t go. And we can go next week, but it is again frustrating that I simply am not getting to do as much as I did last time, at least in part due to his behaviour. 

Instead they got dragged round some shops in Redhill and taken for lunch in West Central again. Not the end of the world as they both enjoyed themselves and then both fell asleep in the car one the way home. Cue some comedy ferrying of various purchases and children in a way I thought least likely to wake either, giving me the 15 minutes to write this…before No.2 woke up. The stare coming up form the car seat of “don’t just sit there looking at me bloody get me out of here” is hilarious!


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