Typical. Take them to Bocketts Farm and they both fall asleep on the way…sat in car park!

As this is the second day of my last 2-day/2-child stint (thank gods), I thought it would be good, and after yesterday completely necessary, to get us all out of the house. So am currently sat in the admittedly quite nice Bocketts Farm Park car park, with two sleeping babies. 

The younger one is understandable – she had her second settling in earlier. And I don’t think she fully approved of the concept of me not being there. She was crying when I left and when I returned! To reassure, she clearly hadn’t been crying the whole time, but even the staff admitted she’d “taken a while to settle when you left”. Which I suspect is code for about half the time….

But she did settle and start playing, and apparently even smiled…before I think it got too tiring and she started crying again. They want to do quite a lot more settling in next week after today…so Monday we’ll see if there’s improvement!

Junior is just in a bit of a funny state – not really eating. Mostly because he got the hang of Easter really quickly and thinks he can live on chocolate. If only….

Hopefully I’ll be able to update on a successful afternoon at Bocketts Farm, but no stirring yet!